Christian Hilario (our Calle Mambo Manager) made up a funny story about me (for the Calle Mambo Homepage) becoming a pianist……the facts are all true….by the way….

Alexandra ‚Ali‘ Fischer

The German Keyboard Lover

At the age of nine, in the little Bavarian village of Kloster Indersdorf, her parents gave little Ali a melodica. She loved the keys, but hated the blowing. Hence she decided to only play the keys – while dad had to do all the blowing. After a year, dad bought a piano. More keys, less blowing. Ali’s love for keys just grew stronger, and over the years she added the Hammond organ, the accordion, and other iconic keyboards such as the Clavinet or the Rhodes. Consequently, she went to study piano at the “Hochschule für Musik und Theater” in Munich, and at the same time started touring with Jazz, Blues and Rock’n’Roll bands, such as Little Martin & the Roosters. Ali got into Latin music when her piano teacher, Larry Porter, introduced her to Brasilian Bossanova and the Buena Vista Social Club. She was seized by the affectionate yet elegant language, and by the senses of love, adventure and wild parties. So when she heard word of a modern Latin project looking for a pianist, she was all in for Calle Mambo.